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Information about VonDerrit’s murder from the man behind Darren Wilson’s fundraiser, who was himself fired for filing false information as a police officer? Let’s be vigilant. 

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Tuesday, October 14th

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Ugh I’m so annoyed by my parent’s neighbours and their kids. It’s not even that I don’t like kids, because I really do, but they just wander free and let themselves in/out of my parents backyard and let the dogs out/let their dog in. It’s lucky for them that the dogs are all nice, but mine has never been around kids before and tends to play by grabbing (he’s only 1, he’s still pretty rambunctious), and I worry one of these kids are going to get hurt and their parents are going to be pissed about it… →


T’was the night before hockey, and all through the land

Not a skater was stirring (for fear they’d get banned).

The sticks were all taped and the goalie pads shortened

And Byfuglien was finally gone from Tim Horton’s.

The players and coaches lay snug in their beds

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Now accepting man slave applications

Jobs would include:
Making me drinks
Rubbing my back/feet
Being sexy
Receiving sexy spanks

I’m super proud of K for working so hard and I really want him to get into med school so we can get on with our lives but I’m also terrified to be alone, I don’t want him to go away for 6 months and leave me here, but that’s the way it has to be. We can’t move all our pets and possessions to van for 6 months then move back. Still though.

I have the worst baby fever. And logically I would be terrified if I was pregnant bc I want to be married first, and my boyfriend is going to have to go to Vancouver for 4-6 months to start med school (hopefully next fall) but every time I see a baby my ovaries are like “yeeeesss the time is now!”

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