British Columbia. Twenty One. Writing. Love. Sex. Equality. Feminism. Freedom. Wakeboarding. smushy faced puppies. Rock and roll. tattoos. Literature. Liberalism. S&m. atheism. peace.


The tribute to Jimmy at the concert was so amazing

So many people with lighters and everyone singing Fiction, so amazing.

I’m hoping to pursue writing a novel this summer

Planning on starting my actual writing when I get back from california, until then, mostly collecting Inspo and doing a little bit of planning. Anybody interested in writing should maybeee ┬ámessage me? I’d love to talk to fellow writers, get some input.


It’s so funny to grow up and realize that fairytale anything is bullshit.

You can love someone more than anything but that doesn’t mean that you wont have rough patches, or times when you don’t get to see eachother as much as you want, or when you argue about little things.

But then you fall in love all over again and you remember how much you love that person and how even if things have their downs, the ups make it all worth it. Being married isnt about being perfectly happy forever and never ever having any rough spots, it’s a promise to work through those rough spots with each other because you love each other.

1000 words into my 4000 word paper….So close yet so far.

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