AWFUL MODS: Don't buy plugs at Spencer's Gifts →



Recently I purchased 3 pairs of single-flared steel tunnels in 1 1/8” , 1 3/16” , and 1 1/4” from Spencer’s Gifts. I usually don’t but I just needed some steel tunnels. I’ll remind you that I spent a total of $75.00 (about) on these 3 pairs. When I got home I opened them so I could put them away…

I worked at a Spencer’s. Yes we have alot of problems with our jewelry, there often mislabeled as the wrong size. But we’ve never turned anyone away when they asked to return it. I’m sure if you go back they’ll help you find the size you need.

I currently work at Spencer’s and although our policy is that we do not accept returns on body jewelry, if you go in and speak to the supervisor and ask nicely, I’m 100% sure they will fix it for you. Explain the problem, they’ll fix it for you.

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